Rendered Against a Transparent Background in 8-bit gray-scale PNG

Lunar Images Rendered by Jay Tanner Using POV-Ray v3.7 - 2017

These lunar phase image sets were rendered using the POV-Ray Lunar Phase Series Generator v7 script, also available on this web site.  They can be downloaded for use with your own projects if you need a set of pre-rendered high-resolution lunar phase images at 1-degree intervals.

All of these phase image sets consist of 361 PNG images rendered against a transparent background at 1-degree intervals of phase from 0 to 360 degrees and in various sizes, as high-resolution, photo-realistic images.  Random examples taken from each of the available image sets are displayed below with their related download links.  The demo images below are all randomized each time this page is refreshed.
The phase image sets are provided in several sizes:

128  x 128 pixels          3.97  meg
240  x 240                23.17  - Yellow moon set
256  x 256                13.84
512  x 512                47.85
1024 x 1024              187.07
1500 x 1500              394.30

The software used to create the images (POV-Ray) is no-strings-attached FREEware and the texture maps used for the renderings were also freely available on the Internet.  If you wish to create similar images for yourself, there is no need to buy or pirate anything or pay royalties to do it.  With the exception of the POV-Ray program itself, which can be freely obtained from the official web site, all the resources and scripts required to render the lunar images seen here are freely available on this web site.

For more information on POV-Ray, visit the official POV-Ray web site.

Unless otherwise indicated, all rendered images are released under the provisions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Related and other resources and maps available on this site may be found on THIS page.

PHASE SET DOWNLOADS (With random demos from each set)

Jay Tanner - 2017