Perpetual Calendar Algorithms

This section contains algorithms to handle a variety of general purpose calendrical computations for the old Julian and modern Gregorian calendar systems.  The calendar-related programs created for this web site are based on these algorithms written in PHP.

At present, calendrical and time functions across programming language platforms is very inconsistent.  For example, not every programming language has a Julian day number function and/or Inverse JD number function for handling some general purpose calendar date and time-related computations.

The languages that do have calendrical functions, often have different functions and/or syntax that make it problematic when attempting to translate the same program into another language that lacks those date/time functions.

This section presents some basic general algorithms for doing calendrical computations from scratch without dependence on any special built-in proprietary or language-specific date/time functions.

It may be useful to have such a set of universal algorithms easy to translate into several programming languages.

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