POV-Ray Lunar Explorer
An HD-Quality Lunar Ray-Tracing Script For POV-Ray v3.7
The POV-Ray Lunar Explorer script renders the moon in photo-realistic 3D relief.  It can act as a virtual space telescope or spacecraft from which you can render a view of the moon from virtually any perspective in space, from near to far.

The lunar images and lunar phase image sets on this web site were rendered by the POV-Ray Lunar Explorer script, which is freely available on this web site.

The POV-Ray Lunar Explorer download ZIP package comes complete with source code and all required graphics resources included.  If you already have POV-Ray v3.7 installed, then the Lunar Explorer script should be ready to run immediately, since everything it needs is initially contained in a single folder.

Since the complete POV-Ray Lunar Explorer package consists of about 166.47 megs, two versions of it are provided as well as optional texture map packages that can be added to the basic set.

  • The BASIC version - Approx. 29.6 meg

    The BASIC version contains only the two essential maps required to generate photo-realistic renderings of the moon from virtually any perspective.  The scripts are relatively small.  It is the graphics that make up the bulk of the package, so this smaller version can be expanded upon as needed by simply adding any additional optional maps you may want to the basic maps.  The optional texture maps and grids can be downloaded separately.

    OPTIONAL MAP SETS AVAILABLE (These maps are included in the full version below)
    • Lunar Surface Maps With Grids - Approx. 51.8 meg (ZIP)
    • Color-Coded Lunar Gravity Maps - Approx. 4.74 meg (ZIP)
    • Color-Coded Lunar Altimetry maps - Approx. 73.0 meg (ZIP)

  • The FULL Version - Approx. 166.74 meg (ZIP)

    The FULL version contains the entire set of maps, which is why it is so large and why there is the basic version above.  Not everyone may want or need ALL the optional maps, so they can be added as needed to the basic set, if you don't want the whole set.

The POV-Ray rendering program itself will have to be obtained from the official POV-Ray web site.

POV-Ray v3.7 is an open-source, FREEware graphics rendering software package.   It is FREEware.  No adware or spyware, just a professional quality 3D rendering package freely available to the public.

For complete information on POV-Ray, visit the official POV-Ray web site.

Jay Tanner - 2018