Quick Metric Lengths Equivalents Table

ENTER Numerical Value and Units Symbol
 Equivalent Lengths:

 10000000000 A
 1000000000 nm
 1000000 um
 1000 mm
 100 cm
 39.3700787401574803 in
 3.2808398950131234 ft
 1.0936132983377078 yd
 1 m
 0.001 km
 0.0006213711922373 mi
 0.0005399568034557 nmi
 0.00000000333564095198152 LS
 0.000000000006684587122671 AU
 0.000000000000000105700083 LY
 0.00000000000000003240779282945384 pc

 There are 16 units symbols recognized by this program.

 They are:


   A       Angstroms
   nm      Nanometers  or Millimicrons
 um or u   Micrometers or Microns
   mm      Millimeters
   cm      Centimeters
   in      Inches
   ft      Feet
   yd      Yards
   m       Meters
   km      Kilometers
   mi      Miles (Statute)
   nmi     Nautical miles
   LS      Light Seconds
   AU      Astronomical Units
   LY      Light Years (Based on Julian year of 365.25 days)
   pc      Parsecs

Jay Tanner - 2017 - v1.5