Random Latinoid Text Generator
Sentence and Paragraph Settings
Maximum Words Per Sentence

Range: 3  to  32
Maximum Sentences Per Paragraph

Range: 2 to 32
Generate a Random Latinoid
This program generates randomized sentences and paragraphs in Latinoid text,   where "Latinoid" means some real Latin words randomly mixed with some junk to create sentences and paragraphs in what superficially appears to be Latin text.  The text is non-repetative, so seeing any generated 'sentence' a second time is very unlikely.

If for some reason 'dummy text' is needed as a space-filler, then this program is ideal for generating random text blocks.

It is also useful for playing a practical joke - generating a random Latin 'Quote of the Day' for people to ponder and try to look up in references, not being told it is utter random nonsense.

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