Some PHP Astronomy and Science Programs
and Dynamical Tables

PHP v7 Programs Written by Jay Tanner

The dynamical tables are tables that are not static. For example
many astronomical tables are listed in TT or UT and if the user
wanted to know the date and time of the event in a specified
time zone, he or she would have to manually perform the
date/time/zone conversion. The time zone is very important.
A list of dates on which a certain event occurs in one time zone
may significantly differ from the same list computed for a different
time zone.

The dynamical tables allow the user to enter any time zone offset
so no manual conversions are necessary and some include a simple
search function. For example, you could find all the times that
a full moon occurred on your birthday or on Friday the 13th or on
Halloween, on Christmas Day, on New Year's Day, etc.