Local Dates and Times of the Equinoxes and Solstices
For Any Gregorian Year From 1600 to 2200 and Local Time Zone
PHP Program by Jay Tanner

Based on the NASA/JPL DE405 Ephemeris Model and the NASA Polynomials For Delta T
Gregorian Year (1600 to 2200)               Local Time Zone Offset: UT :   
Dates and Local Standard Times of the Equinoxes and Solstices For Year 2024
Local Time Zone Offset UT-05:00

     Event           Julian Date TT       Date     Time    DoW     Scale
=================   ================   =========== =====   ===  ============
March Equinox       2460389.62997189   2024-Mar-20 03:07   Wed  TT
                                       2024-Mar-19 22:06   Tue  Loc Std Time

June Solstice       2460482.36952937   2024-Jun-20 20:52   Thu  TT
                                       2024-Jun-20 15:51   Thu  Loc Std Time

September Equinox   2460576.03148109   2024-Sep-22 12:45   Sun  TT
                                       2024-Sep-22 07:44   Sun  Loc Std Time

December Solstice   2460665.89006706   2024-Dec-21 09:22   Sat  TT
                                       2024-Dec-21 04:20   Sat  Loc Std Time


To adjust for daylight saving/summer time, add 1 hour to the local standard
times being careful to watch for a possible change of date when doing so.

Jay Tanner - 2024