Basic Spherical Properties Calculator
Enter any ONE of the four spherical properties (R, C, A or V) and this program will compute the other three unknown properties.

The linear units can be interpreted as anything, such as meters, inches, miles, feet, etc., whatever you decide the units represent.
 R = Radius  
 C = Circumference  
 A = Area of Surface  
square unit(s)
 V = Volume  
cubic unit(s)

            Enter only ONE known property and leave all the others blank.
            Those unknown properties will be computed and displayed here.

The Basic Spherical Elements

$R$ = Radius of Sphere
$C$ = Circumference or perimeter
$A$ = Area of Surface
$V$ = Volume
$\large\pi$ = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950... ad nauseam.

The Relevant Spherical Equations

Given the radius $R$:
$ \begin{align*} C ~=~ 2\pi R ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A ~=~ 4\pi R^2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V ~=~ \frac{4\pi R^3}{3} \end{align*} $

To obtain the radius $R$ from the $C$, $A$ or $V$ values:

$ \begin{align*} R ~=~ \frac{C}{2\pi} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R ~=~ \sqrt{\frac{A}{4\pi}} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R ~=~ \sqrt[\large3]{\frac{3V}{4\pi}} \end{align*} $

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