Variance and Standard Deviation Statistics Calculator
PHP Program by Jay Tanner

Simply enter the delimited numerical data table/string and click [COMPUTE].
The numerical data elements can be separated by commas, spaces or semicolons.
The initial example data is randomly generated.  Copy/Paste/Replace with your own data table.

Statistics Computed From The Above Data Table
Mathematical  Expression Numerical  Evaluation 

Data elements count

Data element index
1 to 32

th  indexed value of () within the data table
1 to 32

Sum of all given numerical data
Sum of All Data

Arithmetic mean (average) of sample or population
Arithmetic Mean

 Sum of squares of all differences from the mean 

Sample variance
Sample Variance

Standard deviation within sample
± 0.298885179971
Sample Standard Deviation

Population variance
Population Variance

Standard deviation within population
± 0.294178032565
Population Standard Deviation
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